About Us

The founders of Soteria Training Solutions, Jesse and Katie Johnson, began their journey as a small training company. Initially, classes were conducted in unconventional settings such as churches, offices, homes, garages, and rented classrooms, and qualifications were attained through practical training on farm fields and rural properties. Recognizing the need to provide a place for both learning and shopping, and eventually a shooting, they sought to offer their students a solution. In November 2015, the family-owned and operated, StS Armory was opened.

Dedicated to delivering cutting-edge training in an encouraging and nurturing environment, Jesse, Katie, and their team prioritize providing quality instruction. Their instructors are students too and actively participate in training to improve their skills as both learners and educators.

As firearm dealers, their team strives to provide top-notch customer service by building relationships from the ground up with novices, professionals, hunters, and concealed carriers alike. From applying for a FOID card to providing expert knowledge and guidance on purchasing, they can assist you every step of the way. With a wealth of experience and a genuine desire to share their passion for the 2A, they can help anyone regardless of their background. Over the years Soteria Training Solutions/StS Armory have had many of their customers become family.

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