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Illinois Concealed Carry Training

1st Eight Hours- Basic Pistol –

– Safety 

– Pistol Mechanisms & Operations 

– Building Pistol Shooting Skills 

– Pistol Maintenance, Selection & Use 

– Special section on Holsters

2nd Eight Hours – Illinois Laws and Qualifications 

– Intro to Firearms (Safety Review) 

– Illinois FOID Law 

– Transportation Laws 

– Federal Law 

– Illinois Carry Law 

– Officer Interaction 

– Justifiable Use of Force/Disparity of Force

*Provided for Class: Use of firearms and ammunition for qualifications, range fees, training materials, use of holsters for practice and assistance applying for Illinois permit.

*NOT Provided in the cost of the class:

Eye and Ear Protection

Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Fee – $150 for 5 yr permit, 

Digital Fingerprints for Illinois (OPTIONAL) – $43-$65 Florida Concealed Carry Permit Fee – $97 for 7 yr permit

Illinois CCL Renewal Training

Required by law the 3 Hour class plus range time

Review the changes in the law & requalification 

Gear needed for class:

- Firearm

- Any extra magazines or speed loaders for that firearm

- 50 rounds of the correct ammunition for that firearm

- Eye & Ear Protection

What's Next?!?! Class

Have you taken your concealed carry class and are now wondering “What’s Next?!?!” This is the class for you. 

We will work on: 

- Drawing the firearm from a holster 

- Getting accurate shots on target in a timely manner And send you home with dryfire homework to further hone your skills 

This course only requires 100 rounds of ammo, your firearm, a proper holster, 1-2 magazines, eye and ear protection

Kids & Teen Firearm Safety Classes

Level 1 – 30 min class   

- Eddie Eagle  

Level 2  – 45 minute class  

- What to do when adults are NOT around  

- What to do when adults ARE around  

Level 3  – 1 ½ hour class  

- Safety Rules  

- Firearm Fundamentals  

- Hands on  

Teen Firearm Education Class – Full Day Class 

- Firearm Safety  

- Different Types of Firearms (Pistol & Rifle)  

- The Seriousness of Firearms Shooting Fundamentals  

**There will be a live fire portion to the Teen class. 

*Parents must sit through classes with children. The level the child starts on is based on parents assessment of child’s basic knowledge of firearms.

Pepper Spray Class

In this 3 hour pepper spray class we will look at: 

* How to avoid the an attack

* Types of pepper sprays

* How to deploy the pepper spray using inert trainers

* Legalities of using pepper spray

* How to decontaminate yourself if exposed

Concealment Fundamentals

In this class we will learn about:

* Holster options 

* Holster placement 

* How to work your body to get the best concealment for you. 

* We will also make sure you can SAFELY draw your firearm and SAFELY reholster your firearm. 

Demystifying Off Body Carry 

We will look at the unique challenges carrying off body present and discuss important factors about carrying off body.  We will learn to properly draw from an Off Body Carry position such as purse, fanny pack or back-pack.  This is a dry-fire only class.

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Range Safety Officer, & Instructor Level classes available upon request. 

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